Van Gogh - View of Arles (France), The Flowering Orchards, 1889

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Artist:  Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

Painting:  The Flowering Orchards, (View of Arles)

Date:  1888

Museum Location:  Kröller-Müller MuseumOtterlo, Netherlands



The Flowering Orchards is a series of paintings which Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh executed in Arles, in southern France in the spring of 1888. Van Gogh arrived in Arles in February 1888 in a snowstorm; within two weeks the weather changed and the fruit trees were in blossom.

Appreciating the symbolism of rebirth, Van Gogh worked with optimism and zeal on about fourteen paintings of flowering trees in the early spring. He also made paintings of flowering trees in Saint-Rémy the following year, in 1889.

Flowering trees were special to Van Gogh; they represented awakening and hope. He enjoyed them aesthetically and found joy in painting flowering trees. The 'trees and orchards in bloom' paintings that he made reflect ImpressionistDivisionist and Japanese woodcut influences.