CUSTOM Designed Labels & Tins

Please contact us for custom designed Labels & Tins for any of your events, big or small!

Can be photos or art, your personal choice of images.

tea parties

bridal showers


baby showers

gender release theme parties (announcing girl or boy)


special events

holiday events

office or corporate events

museum events



ALL ORDERS INCLUDE COLLECTIBLE ART TIN  -  (Except Sampler Size Envelopes)

Choose between:   Loose TEA or Ground COFFEE Flavors



       Large - Black & Gold Oval TIN           

       Size:   4 1/2" l. x 2 1/2" w. x 6 h. (deep)      

       Fills inside:  Loose TEA  -  2.5 oz.                                     

                    OR   Ground COFFEE  -  6 oz.                    $ 19.95  

       Small - Silver Square Mini TIN 

       Size:   2 3/8" l. x 2 3/8" w. x 3 h. (deep)

                   (party favor size)      -     .5 oz. TEA               $ 4.95  each

(NOTE:  Tea or Coffee  +  Art Label  +  Tin price  =  is included all  together as  ONE SET PRICE  when TIN is added)


Sampler Tea Envelope  -  approx. 1 oz.  loose  TEA       $ 3.95  each 

Sampler Coffee Envelope  -  approx 2 oz  COFFEE      $ 2.95  each


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