We love tea, coffee, cocoa and art, too!
Thank you for joining us on a new taste experience and creative cultural adventure!


     Dream Team Creatives, Inc. is the inspiration, creativity, works and collaboration of talented Animation Studio, Illustrators, Sculptors and Comic Artists.

     As a Fine Artist myself, our mission is to inspire and educate the future generations about the rich cultural tapestry of Art, including American, French and European Art History. 

     Relaxing, taking a break, sipping in a quiet moment or with family and friends over wonderful tea or coffee is a great time to read, admire, inspire, encourage and discuss art, like the long ago, remarkable days of the French Impressionists at a Parisian Cafe.

     le cafe d'Art - The Art Cafe is the brand name for the Fine Art Label Custom Decorative Tins (and bag envelopes), filled with Luxury Fine Teas, gourmet Coffee, Cocoa and quality food products.  

     For both wholesale and retail, we’re focused on the needs of Museums and their Cafes & Tea Rooms, gift & gourmet shops, events, weddings, etc.

     We custom create labels of the most popular Master Paintings such as Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Mary Cassatt, Hassam, Bierstadt, etc. which are in permanent collections or from exhibitions.

     Focusing on inspirational Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Modern, Romanticism, Realistic and Victorian periods, the Golden Age of American and English Illustrators and Literature, such as Sir John Tenniel, Howard Pyle, the Wyeths, Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish, Howard Pyle, Leyendecker, Harrison Fisher, etc. is a very nice fit for cafe and gourmet gift products.

     Included is valuable credited information (on the website and product labels) about the artist, the museum, address, their website and invite patrons to visit the original paintings, focusing on American museums.

     Our gourmet supplier uses the top 10% quality teas and top 2% Arabica coffee beans grown in the world, sold to fine restaurants and gourmet shops. For wholesale and retail custom orders, we can also fill the tins with teas, coffee, cocoa from your own preferred supplier with your own logo added to the label. 


So please check back with us frequently as we grow our business
and add to an ever expanding list
of more and more delicious flavors and choices!


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