Create and build your own Custom, Tea & Coffee Collectible Art Tin! 

Select and Add all your favorites!  

1.  SELECT Tea or Coffee flavor. 

2.  SELECT Painting Art Label. 

3.  SELECT Tin size.   EASY!

CHOOSE - your favorite Tea OR Coffee flavor + Art Label + Tin Size

(NOTE: Coffee or Tea + Art Label + Tin price = is included all together as ONE SET PRICE when TIN selection is added)

FROM THE MASTERS: A Fine Art & Gourmet Blends Collection

Welcome, relax and have a sip with the Masters! 

Luxury Teas & Gourmet Coffee & Rich Cocoa blended with Fine Art Paintings.

We love tea, coffee, cocoa and art, too!

Thank you for joining us on a new taste experience and creative cultural adventure!

     We believe in a more personalized, creative experience to each of our customers, to create a unique, wonderful combination of all their favorites, to also share with family, friends and co-workers!

     Enjoy every day, during holidays, special events and gatherings, anytime is a great time to relax enjoy our wonderful flavors!


(NOTE:  Coffee or Tea  +  Art Label  +  Tin price  =  is included all  together as  ONE SET PRICE  when TIN selection is added)

approx  2.5 oz TEA  - (LARGE - oval Tin included)   -  $ 26.95

approx 1 oz TEA  -  (SMALL - Square Party favor Tin included)  -  $ 5.95

approx .5 oz   -  Sampler Loose TEA  Envelope        -  $ 3.75

approx .2 oz   -  Sampler COFFEE - Envelope           -  $ 2.95