Ground Roasted COFFEE - ALL flavors

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Note:  ALL ORDERS INCLUDE COLLECTIBLE ART TIN ! -  (Except Sampler Size Envelopes)

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            Large Oval TIN   -     6 oz.  ground COFFEE                   $19.95

(NOTE:  Coffee or  Tea  +  Art Label  +  Tin price  =  is included all  together as  ONE SET PRICE  when TIN is added)

Sampler Coffee Envelope  -  approx 2 oz  COFFEE      $ 2.95  each


     Our supplier, Culinary Teas is a family run small business using only the highest grade, Specialty Class 1 Arabica coffee beans, which are the top 2% of what is grown in the world!  They test samples prior to purchasing to be sure they contain no defects, odd tastes or aromas, and to be sure they are the fine quality our customers are looking for.

     Coffee is roasted on a daily to fulfill the day’s orders. Small batch roasting is their specialty, providing the freshest coffee possible. It’s then packaged and shipped to us within the same 24-hour period. 

     Combined with their superior roasting technology - which they believe is the best in the industry, you get a wonderfully even, perfect roast every time. Quality is our passion! 


Fresh Ground Roasted Gourmet Coffee:

Country Morning Breakfast:  Smooth, medium body with a little dark roast added. Sure to please.

Cafe Crema:  Colombian and Indonesian beans roasted both Vienna and Full City. Medium body.

French Roast:  Medium to heavy bodied with a bursting aroma. A true eye opener.

Royal House Blend:  A truly royal blend of our finest South and Central American beans, producing a cup with medium body and deep flavor that has a delicate aroma and a smooth finish.

Lighthouse Blend:   a dark roast ground coffee with a perfect blending of Guatemalan and Sumatran beans.

San Fran Blend:  A blend of Indonesian and African beans for full bodied flavor.



French Vanilla:  Traditional, smooth and creamy vanilla.

Vanilla Nut: Vanilla and hazelnuts swirled together for a sweet treat.

Vanilla Creme Brulee:   Imagine vanilla custard with caramelized brown sugar in each and every sip.

Chocolate Caramel Truffle:  sip on the tastes of dark chocolate and sweet caramel. Truly a dessert in a cup!

Macadamia Nut:  Macadamia nuts right from Hawaii.

Pecan Cinnamon Ice Cream:   We’ve taken the wonderfully nutty flavor of pecans, sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on them and mixed them in a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream to create what we believe is a flavored coffee that will remind you of a rich cone full of ice cream on a warm summer day

Jamaican Rum:  An island blend of coffee liqueur, caramel and vanilla.